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Making the best even better

Albedo Research & Development

Albedo has a strong Research & Development team which is continuously engaged in bringing new technology and innovation in manufacturing process of the LED to bring the production cost as low as possible. Our R&D team has been capable to win the heart of the customers around the globe for providing cost effective, best quality & uniquely designed products in its wide LED Product Range. In order to support LED lighting innovation, 10% of annual revenue is invested into the R&D technologies every year.

Profit is not the only purpose of Albedo’s development, we in the mean time are willing to bear social responsibility and contribute to social development.

These investments and facilities provide AlbedoLED technologies R&D supports and production quality warranties. Additionally, they enable Albedo to develop LED indoor lightings from high-efficiency, energy saving, environment protecting to lightings “SUNWHITE” technology which are more natural and infinitely close to the sun light. We believe “SUNWHITE” will bring our world an indoor lighting technology with safer, more comfortable and more natural experiences.


Our Skills

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