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Our proud tradition of doing what is fair, right and legal

Albedo Code of Conduct

ACOC is meant to serve as a road map with highest standards and ethics for Albedo Employees and companies, offering a set of guidelines by which Albedo Group conducts the business. We have certain set of principles which helps us to maintain the decorum in the organization and carrying the operations swiftly.

Serve the customers:

Our customers value Albedo not just because of our quality products & services, but also because we have set our standards high in treating our clients and following smooth operations, keeping in the interest of the country.


Our reputation as an organization is our main asset as they trust on us and we always keep this as our first priority. It is the responsibility of each of the member of Albedo Family to maintain that level of trust and respect among the clients. Every communication happening between us and our customers or associates should act as a bond which must increase our trust and reliability.


We strive our best, to make products which are more useful to the people of the country which in turn should make our company more useful to the nation and customers, altogether.

Business / Operations leading National interest

Albedo Family is totally committed to benefit the economic development of the countries in which it is operational. Our practices shall benefit the country along with in localities or communities in particular. All the business procedures and activities shall respect the traditions and cultures of regions, cities or countries where the company operates.

Financial reporting and records

Albedo Family should always prepare and maintain a fair accounting and financial reports in accordance to accepted guidelines, principles, laws, standards and regulations of the country where it operates. All the required information must be accessible to the auditors and other authorized agencies. There shall be no omissions of any transactions from books of account or records. Any misinformation or misrepresentation on the part of company’s financial records shall be taken as the violation of ACOC (Albedo Code of Conducts) and may invite the civil or criminal actions in accordance to the prevalent laws.


Albedo Family shall always support the development competitive markets and healthy competition, by promoting the liberalization of trade in the operating countries. None of the Albedo Employee shall engage himself / herself in any sort of abuse of market dominance, restrictive trade practices or any other similar trade activities.

Equal opportunities employer

Albedo Family shall provide equal opportunities to all the employees irrespective of the caste, creed, color, religion, gender, marital status, ethnic origin, birth place or any sort of disability. HR Policies of the company shall promote equality at workplace and diversity among the employees. And policies shall be compliant to labor laws and industry acts of the operating city and country.

Gifts and donations

Employees of Albedo Group shall never be engaged in taking or offering any illegal remuneration, bribe, gifts, donations and any other sort of benefits, directly or indirectly. The company shall take the necessary steps to by the help of government authorities and laws to remove all types of corruption, fraud or bribery.

Quality of products and services

Albedo Technology shall be engaged in manufacturing and supply of goods and services with highest standards supported by best in class after-sales services, in order to provide complete satisfaction to the buyers / users.

Regulatory compliance

All the employees of the Albedo Group shall comply with all the applicable rules and regulations / laws according to the city / state or country they operate.

Concurrent employment

An employee of Albedo Group shall not accept employment or a position of responsibility with any other company, nor provide any type of freelance services to anyone, with or without remuneration. In any such cases, employee shall ask for the requisite / official permissions from the board of directors of the company.

Protecting company assets

Each and every employees shall not allow or do the misuse of the company’s assets.

ACOC does not provides a complete comprehensive explanations of all the rules that employees are bound to follow. Employees have a continued obligation to familiarize themselves with all the laws, policies, procedures and work rules prevalent in the company.

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